The Praxis Conference
Linking peacebuilding theory and practice
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Integrating theory into practice.


Improve your NGO's effectiveness
Learn peacebuilding theory
Connect with other likeminded practitioners

We formed this conference to bridge the gap between scholars, nonprofit practitioners, social entrepreneurs and the like.
As our NGO work in the international development field grew, our desire to connect with other practitioners grew. Our dream has been to create a space for peacebuilding -minded individuals to share common practices and learned lessons, while creating strong networks for future success. At the same time, we held a great need to continually learn theory behind the work that we do.

This is where Praxis was born.


noun  prax·is  \ˈprak-səs\ - 1: the practical application of a theory



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participate in educational forums

 Roundtable Discussions,

and sit in on scholarly presentations

around your topic of interest.


work with academic & NGO communities to

gain useful tools and theoretical

framework that equip your

organization to more fully serve its




connect with ngos around the country

and abroad who are tackling similar

global issues. jump in on the

conversations you've been wanting to

have with colleagues across the globe.



Present in a Group Forum

We're asking nonprofit organizations, and individuals with experience in the nonprofit world to join one or multiple presentation forums. These group presentations are a key element of dialog and exchange among academics, practitioners, and other attendees. Your experience and expertise are valuable to our collective education and growth in knowledge. Our goal is to learn from each other and our diverse experiences, so that our works may become increasingly more effective.

Presentations should be approximately 10 minutes long and a response to the following topical questions. 

Please submit a 250 word presentation pitch to by September 15, 2018.
The following topics are your guidelines for submission. We'd love for you to participate!



In what ways have you encountered economics and finance that lead to both conflict and conflict resolution, sustainable peacebuilding, and/or community growth? Topics include micro-finance, foreign investment, small business, social entrepreneurship, etc.



How does a person's social context lead to conflict, and how are you working to resolve these conflicts and build peace? For organizations that address issues of immigration, women's rights, refugees, community development, etc.


In your experience, how have organizations, governments, or other groups used education to incite peace and/or conflict? How has your organization used education to accomplish its mission, resolve conflict, address local needs, etc? Topics include: formal education, life skills, vocational training, and the arts.


When communicating your organization's mission or work, how are you sensitive with the language that you use? In what ways do you use messages or images to communicate the message of your organization, but how can these also be problematic or objectifying? Some terms/images can include: development, poverty, sustainability, empowerment, child soldiers, reintegration, healing.


How do issues surrounding the environment lead to conflict and in what ways have you seen environmental resources utilized to mitigate conflict, grow community, and promote peace? Relating to water, land, climate, pollution, desertification, resources, mining, agriculture. 

Additional topics

Feel free to contact us with other ideas if you have any additions you feel would be relevant to the conference.