The Praxis Conference
Linking peacebuilding theory and practice

Praxis Network

A Network for Peacebuilders


Bridging the gap between those who study peacebuilding and those who practice peacebuilding.  By sharing ideas, networking between individuals and organizations, and strategizing together, we can harness the power of diversity of approach to foster effectiveness in peacebuilding.


What if you have an idea but don't know where to get started, or have an existing project that you'd like to expand?  What if you want to diversify or build on existing strategies for peacebuilding?  We can assure you, there are others who are working in a similar capacity to help you learn and strengthen your efforts.  Find out what others are doing in approach, geographic location, area of study, etc. and CONNECT with them to learn more. 


All over the world, people are attempting to solve conflicts in the same capacity or location.  By joining the Praxis Network you plug into a community of support that can both assist you in the time of need and gives you the ability to support others.