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Am I A Peacebuilder?

Am I A Peacebuilder?


Am I a Peacebuilder?

Depending on what community you come from, you may or may not identify with being a peacebuilder.

The Praxis team believes so many of you are already peacebuilders. If you're in the nonprofit world working against a variety of injustices; if you're a scholar studying peace or conflict resolution; if you're a business creating social, economic or environmental change through commerce and the supply chain... the list goes on. 

These days, we all see the effects of violence everywhere. From systemic oppression that feeds off of violence in the United States, to the recruitment of child soldiers in fragile nation-states, to violence against women all over the world... 
We all have the capacity to reduce violence and conflict around the world in our unique spheres of influence.

The Praxis Team believes that we have a greater capacity to change the ways of the world toward peace when we work together. The Praxis Conference is bridging the gap among peacebuilders who otherwise don't connect.

Join us to be a formative member of this highly valued network through presentation and/or attendance.

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